Biggest Dogs in the World (Compilation)

Today I am adding some of the pictures of (real) biggest dogs from all over the world the Worlds biggest dogs, I have compiled the pictures of giant puppies (taken from from many different sources all over the internet) and put them here,

Please feel free to submit if you have any picture of even bigger dog (must be real though).

Anyhow, lets begin with the word “Biggest”…well the term biggest is relative; for some it referred to as “most tallest” and to some it means “most heaviest” and if we have a peek at the Guinness Book of World Records then we can notice that they have divided it to separate categories just because of this very reason.

Officially the World’s Biggest as well as Heaviest Dog in the World

The giant dog in the picture below was awarded the distinction of Worlds Most Biggest Dog by the mighty Guinness World Records. This English Mastiff name is Hercules and has a massive 38 inch neck & weighs over 280 pounds.

real biggest dog on earth - biggest dog in the world

back view of the biggest dog on earth

Having paws the size of softballs, this giant monster is far larger and heavier than any other dog of the same breed.

Another one of the biggest dog I found on web was this male Mastiff which is claimed to be 32 inches tall and more than 190 pounds in weight.

biggest dog in the world - mastiff male

Largest Dogs from All Over the World

Following are the pictures I compiled from all over the web claiming to be one of the most tallest, heaviest, biggest and most gigantic dogs in the world; have a look at these beautiful pictures,

Caucasian mountain dog - One of the biggest dogs in the world - real

one of the largest dog in the world

largest dog

This is big Wendy; the muscular whippet. People usually mistake her for as giant pit-bull with a pinhead, but in reality this is neither a largest pitbull in the world nor the Wendy is just a whippet is one rare breed.

most muscular dog in the world - most powerful dog in the world - body-builder dog

Yet another dog claiming to be the most heaviest dog on earth

most heaviest dog on earth - one of the largest dogs

This dog could easily be one of the contender for the tallest dogs in the

two of the largest dogs in the world - biggest dogs in the world

Have a look at the massive size of these dogs,

picture of three of the biggest dogs in the world being fed

Looking at the size of the dog below, I might have to reconsider about my decision about the last tallest dog. haha

worlds tallest dog - pictures of the biggest dogs in the world

Man.. this dog indeed looks heavy! just compare it with the normal dog below in the picture.. seems midget as compared to this beast.

one of the heaviest dogs in the world pictures

Wow..that’s what we call a gigantic dog!

pictures of giant dogs in the world

The old lady sitting with a pair of amazingly large puppies,

collection of biggest dogs in the world

Now that’s a I call a hell of a giant looking dog!! :-D

now thats a hell of a giant looking dog

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